The Young Lawyer Recruitment Programme

Saturday 17th March 2018 - University students

University College, London (UCL)

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    Do you aspire to work for a Magic Circle law firm or a prestigious set of barristers’ chambers? The Young Lawyer Recruitment Programme is the world’s first course designed to teach you the specific techniques required to secure a training contract at a City law firm or pupillage at a set of chambers.

    You will be taught by highly-accomplished legal professionals in how to excel at the variety of applications, interviews, assessment centres and tests that you will be faced with.

    There are also two hours of the day dedicated to an interactive panel discussion and networking session with high-ranking lawyers. This will give you the opportunity to make exclusive contacts and gain valuable information from people on the inside.

    You will be specifically coached on how to:

    • Create a ‘winning’ application form
    • Use certain key words and phrases to succeed in your interviews
    • Stand out from your competitors in the assessment centres
    • Make contacts in the industry who will act as your mentors

    This programme provides a unique opportunity to put yourself ahead of the competition for some of the most exclusive graduate jobs in the UK. You will be taught that success is not a matter of luck - there is a specific formula for breaking into the best organisations which we shall instil within you.

    The day is split up into two halves – the first dedicated to training contracts (9am-2pm) and the second to pupillages (2.30pm-6.30pm). You can choose to attend either one or both depending on your requirements.

    Programme Fee: £180/student for the whole day or £120 for one half of the day. If 2 or more places are booked students receive a 10% discount. Enter code GROUPYLR at checkout to benefit from this.

    Refund Policy: We do not offer cash refunds for programme bookings. However, we do provide 100% credit against your purchase in case you can no longer attend the programme you have booked for if you cancel before the programme takes place. That credit can be used against any future programme run by InvestIN Education by you or one of your associates. For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

  • Programme Timetable

    09.00am Training Contracts: Starting The Path - The recruitment timeline
    - Selecting your targets
    - Vacation schemes
    - Key criteria for selection
    - Using LinkedIn to your strategic advantage
    9.45am Training Contracts: The Application Process - Create a winning application form
    - Tackle questions from actual City application forms
    - Create model CVs and cover letters
    11.30am Training Contracts: The Interview & Assessment Process - HR interview coaching
    - Partner interview coaching
    - Live mock interview demonstrations
    - Excelling in assessment centres
    1.00pm Training Contracts: Panel Q&A followed by networking - Meet highly-accomplished solicitors
    - Make valuable contacts
    - Receive personal advice
    2.00pm End of Training Contracts Session
    2.30pm Pupillages: Starting the Path - The recruitment timeline
    - Selecting your chambers
    - Mini-pupillages
    - Key criteria for selection
    - Using LinkedIn to your strategic advantage
    3.00pm Pupillages: The Application Process - Coaching on the Pupillage Gateway questions
    - Creating stand-out answers
    - Turning your experiences into selling points
    4.00pm Pupillages: The Interview Process - Coaching on first and second-round interviews
    - Live mock interview demonstrations
    - Live advocacy demonstrations
    5.30pm Pupillages: Panel Q&A followed by networking - Meet highly-accomplished barristers
    - Make valuable contacts
    - Receive personal advice
    6.30pm Close

    *exact programme timetable subject to change without notice

  • Venue


    University College, London (UCL)
    The Roberts Building
    Torrington Place
    Greater London
    WC1E 7JE
    United Kingdom

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If 2 or more places are booked, students can receive a 10% discount. Enter the provided group discount code GROUPYLR on the product page at checkout to benefit from this.


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