The Young Journalist Programme

10th December 2017 - 15-18 year old students

University College, London

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  • The world of journalism remains one of the most thrilling career options for talented young minds. With the prospect of live-reporting on a major world event, investigating corruption in a controversial industry, and interviewing some of the world’s most influential people, journalism remains fiercely competitive at all levels.

    The Young Journalist Programme, spearheaded by a writer from the Financial Times, brings world-class journalists from some of the biggest names in the industry to UCL to provide you with everything you would seek to gain from an internship at a top publication.

    There are three clear outcomes for the day:

    • You will gain live experience of life as a journalist in various disciplines, both through sessions with professionals from areas such as broadcasting, print and film-making; AND through undertaking some key tasks yourself including writing your own news story, planning your own investigative scoop, and dealing with the pressure of prioritising a series of breaking news reports. The case studies are based on real-life matters, thus putting you into the shoes of a journalist for the duration of the programme.
    • You will be coached in how to make your dream of becoming a journalist a reality – with advice including guidance on A-level and university choices, tackling personal statements; and how to excel in CVs, application forms and interviews.
    • You will meet with established journalists from a variety of disciplines, and be given the chance to ask them questions on a personal basis. These professionals can become vital mentors for you throughout your career.

    Further, you can reference your attendance on the Young Journalist Programme in your UCAS personal statement as an example of where you gained key skills such as working under pressure, problem-solving, teamwork, and public speaking.

    Programme Fee: £130/student for the full day. Places are limited. If 2 or more places are booked students receive a 10% discount. Enter code GROUP10 at checkout to benefit from this.

    Refund Policy: We do not offer cash refunds for programme bookings. However, we do provide 100% credit against your purchase in case you can no longer attend the programme you have booked for if you cancel before the programme takes place. That credit can be used against any future programme run by InvestIN Education by you or one of your associates. For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

  • Programme Timetable*

    10.00am The World of a Journalist -The star players
    -The most powerful institutions
    -The pressure and expectations
    10.30am The Print Journalist -Stories, sources and secrets
    -Formulating an engaging story
    -The need for speed, accuracy and an angle
    -Case study: write your own story based on a live political speech
    11.30am The Broadcasting Journalist -Inside the newsroom
    -Live 24/7
    -The different expectations
    -Case study: choose your own story based on live updates
    12.30pm Lunch break
    1.30pm The Digital Journalist -The brave new world of journalism
    -Social media as a game-changer
    -The journalist becomes the story?
    -Case study: winning the eyeball race on Twitter
    2.30pm The Investigative Journalist -Plotting the line of enquiry
    -Putting together the right team
    -Balancing conflicting influences
    -Case study: plan your own scoop
    3.30pm The Documentary Journalist -The key players in a documentary
    -Plotting an engaging storyline
    -Capturing the mood
    -Case study: write your own documentary storyline
    4.30pm Breaking into Journalism -Coaching on university choices and grade requirements
    -Gaining that invaluable internship
    -Networking your way into the inside
    5.00pm Panel Q&A -Live panel Q&A with journalists from a variety of backgrounds
    -All your burning questions answered
    -Make valuable contacts
    6.00pm Close

    *exact programme subject to change without notice

  • Venue


    University College, London (UCL)
    The Roberts Building
    Torrington Place
    Greater London
    WC1E 7JE
    United Kingdom

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If 2 or more places are booked, students can receive a 10% discount. Enter the provided group discount code GROUP10 on the product page at checkout to benefit from this.


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