The Young Doctor Programme (Manchester)

Sunday December 2nd 2018 - 15-18 year old students

The University of Manchester

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  • Medicine is one of the world’s most prestigious and highly-regarded professions. It is, therefore, one of the most competitive: there are around 65,000 applications to medical school each year, for fewer than 7,000 places. The Young Doctor Programme brings highly-accomplished UK doctors into a room to give you a wholehearted experience of life in the medical profession.

    Programme Benefits

    There are three clear outcomes for the day:

    • You will gain a deep insight into life as a doctor, both through sessions with current professionals AND through practicing some keys tasks yourself – including examining a patient’s x-ray, discussing diagnoses and suturing. The programme, therefore, becomes akin to work experience in the medical field.
    • You will be directed in how to maximise your chances of gaining admission into a top UK medical school – including how to excel in applications and interviews.
    • You will learn from high-ranking UK doctors from a variety of medical disciplines, and be given the chance to ask them questions on a personal basis. These professionals can become vital mentors for you throughout your career.

    Boost Your Applications

    The Young Doctor Programme, therefore, represents a fantastic opportunity for you to both experience life as a doctor and prepare for the medical school admission process. Further, you can reference your attendance on the programme in your UCAS personal statement and medical school interview as an example of your commitment to becoming a doctor.

    You will also be invited to complete an optional online assessment of what you learned on the programme. You will be given a score and this can be a fantastic ‘gold star’ to include on your UCAS personal statement and future CV.

    The InvestIN Commitment

    After the programme, InvestIN continues to act as a platform for you to build a successful career upon. Our alumni have unlimited lifetime access to our depth of expertise; students can contact us with further questions at any time, and we make sure you are promptly given the advice you need. Your attendance on the programme is therefore just the beginning of our long-term commitment to coaching you towards achieving your career ambitions.


    Programme Fee: £130/student. If 2 or more places are booked students receive a 10% discount. Enter code GROUP10 at checkout to benefit from this.

    For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

  • Programme Timetable*

    10.30am The world of a doctor - Your duties to patients
    - The demands and expectations
    - Working in hospital
    - Your career options
    - Current issues in the NHS
    11:30pm Medical School Applications - Model UCAS personal statements
    - Choosing the right medical school
    - Excelling in the UKCAT and BMAT tests
    - Advice from Oxford and Cambridge alumni
    12.30pm Practical 1: An hour in A&E - Examine a patient’s x-ray
    - Investigate symptoms
    - Discuss diagnosis
    - Initiating treatment
    1.30pm Lunch break
    2.30pm Medical School Interviews - Excelling at interviews
    - Mock interview demonstrations
    3.30pm Practical 2: Suturing - Stitch up a patient’s wounds
    - Working under pressure
    - Live practical demonstration from a senior surgeon
    4.30pm Panel discussion - Ask all your questions to high-ranking doctors across various disciplines
    - Guidance on applications from those on the inside
    - Receive personal advice
    5.30pm Close

    *exact programme format subject to change without notice

  • Venue


    The University of Manchester
    Renold Building
    Altrincham Street
    M1 7JA
    United Kingdom

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If 2 or more places are booked, students can receive a 10% discount. Enter the provided group discount code GROUP10 on the product page at checkout to benefit from this.


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Nadhir Meyrick-Evans ★★★★★

The InvestIN Young Investment Banker Programme was a fantastic experience which gave me a fantastic insight into investment banking and the financial industry as a whole. The speakers were all confident and experienced in their fields and were able to inspire and advise those who attended the course. I am forever grateful to those who put the time in to helping me decide on what I would like to do for my future career and thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking for a fantastic day of learning.

Eleanor Barnett ★★★★★

InvestIN's Young Lawyer Programme is the best experience in law I have had to date! Excellent organisation; the team was so welcoming. I've gained lots of material to look over and met lots of professionals who have given me valuable advice and support! Well worth attending if you have an interest in pursuing a career in law.

Ace Edge ★★★★★

I attended the Young Engineer Programme and it was so awesome as I gained an experience that was challenging and productive. As well as, I made friends that have both similar and different interests from me and at times where I had absolutely no clue how to approach a question (partially because I was one of the younger years attending), there were people, both experienced professionals and other students willing to give their input and help where needed. 

Lewis Thornton ★★★★★

My experience at the Young Lawyer Programme was incredible, I gained so much information regarding both the role of solicitors and barristers. I would recommend this event to anyone who plans to study law and/or pursue it as a career.

Gaurav Samnani ★★★★★

The Young Investment Banker Programme: Incredible experience - never would have been able to work with so many investment bankers and put on my UCAS otherwise!

Manpreet Kaur ★★★★★

I attended the Young Doctor Programme and honestly it will always be one of the best experiences of my life. I gained valuable knowledge from Doctors from a range of specialities as well as a very fun session on suturing. Ultimately, you stay in contact with the professional team so they are able to answer all questions you may have long term which is so rewarding and useful.

Lisa Briggs ★★★★★

My Daughter took part in the Young Doctor Programme in London. She thoroughly enjoyed it - very informative, amazing staff. A fantastic day all round. Really helped in her decision to aspire to become a Medic. Would definitely recommend.

Aadam Niwaz ★★★★★

The Young Investment Banker Programme was very helpful and provided me with some very valuable information about investment banking.

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