The Young Business Leader Programme

12th - 13th August 2017

University College, London

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  • The Young Business Leader Programme is an all-encompassing two-day immersion into life as global business leader. The aims of the programme are as follows:

    1. Provide hands-on experience of the following cornerstone areas of business leadership: business strategy, marketing, rapid growth execution, and strategic technology implementation. (Day 1)
    2. Provide comprehensive training on the key skills that every CEO needs in order to excel: delivering powerful presentations, negotiation skills, how to influence others, building strong networks, and managing a team. (Day 2)

    Our objective is to coach ambitious 15-19 year-olds to gain a key competitive advantage over their peers when applying for the most sought-after jobs, or indeed in establishing their own business empires.

    At the end of the programme, there will be a panel question-and-answer session with leading executives across various competitive industries, including: retail, consultancy, investment banking and manufacturing. This will allow students to receive personal advice and hear inspirational anecdotes. The only pre-requisites to attending are strong ambition and a willingness to learn crucial, life-long skills.

    More importantly, participation in the programme will demonstrate to recruiters that you have a true commitment to developing yourself into a successful professional.

      Programme Fee: £350/student for both days. Places are limited. If 2 or more places are booked students receive a 10% discount. Enter code GROUPYBL at checkout to benefit from this.

      Refund Policy: We do not offer cash refunds for programme bookings. However, we do provide 100% credit against your purchase in case you can no longer attend the programme you have booked for if you cancel before the programme takes place. That credit can be used against any future programme run by InvestIN Education by you or one of your associates. For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

    • Day 1

      10.00am The World of a Business Leader -The qualities of today’s commercial leaders
      -The winning mentality
      -From ambition to execution
      10.30am Winning Business Strategies -Establishing a company’s vision
      -Exploiting strengths and eliminating weaknesses
      -How to spot value
      -Google case study
      11.45am Technology as a Game Changer -How technology can revolutionise your strategy
      -The new generation of business success
      -Innovate to survive
      -Case study analysing a retail giant
      1.00pm Lunch
      2.00pm Marketing: Standing Out from the Crowd -Differentiating your product and vision
      -Inside the mind of a consumer
      -Embracing the digital revolution
      -Case study on a successful international marketing strategy
      3.30pm Dynamic Company Growth -Acquiring your competitors
      -Financing for rapid expansion
      -Valuation considerations
      -Mergers & Acquisitions case study
      5.00pm Close

      *exact programme subject to change without notice

      Day 2

      10.00am Persuasive Leadership -Negotiating with different parties
      -Selling your personal brand
      -Building and leveraging a powerful network
      -Interviewing techniques
      -Interactive persuasion exercises
      11.30am A Winning Team -Being influential in a group dynamic
      -Balancing contrasting personalities
      -Creating a team ethos
      -Teamwork exercise
      1.00pm Lunch
      2.00pm Powerful Presenting -Become a powerful public speaker
      -Persuading others to support your vision
      -Connecting with an audience
      -Overcoming anxiety
      -Public speaking practice exercises
      3.30pm Panel Q&A -Open panel discussion with a group of leading executives
      -Receive personal advice
      -Inspirational stories
      5.00pm Close
    • Venue


      University College, London (UCL)
      The Anatomy Building
      Gower Street
      Greater London
      WC1E 6XA
      United Kingdom

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    If 2 or more places are booked, students can receive a 10% discount. Enter the provided group discount code GROUPYBL on the product page at checkout to benefit from this.


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