The Investment Banking Recruitment Series

  • Investment banking remains the most desirable and prestigious career option for the world's most talented graduates. Such qualities make the competition for places extremely fierce. InvestIN has used the combined knowledge of over 20 top investment banking professionals to create the world's first online programme to teach you the hard skills, soft skills and specific recruitment techniques it takes to break into a top tier investment bank. 

    Our executives have all successfully gone through the gruelling recruitment process, and are now actively involved in recruiting graduates at their respective banks. We will show you that getting your dream job in investment banking is not just a matter of luck, but of preparation, technique and forward thinking. We do this in two key stages; first, we give you an in-depth understanding of both Sales & Trading and Corporate Finance, so that you gain the advanced technical knowledge you require during interviews. Second, we train you to achieve excellence at every stage of the recruitment process - networking with professionals, writing the perfect application form, taking control in interviews, and blowing away the competition in assessment centres.

    The Investment Banking Recruitment Series consists of 26 videos, professional level Excel valuation sheets, model application form answers, and most-commonly-asked interview questions. The key themes include:


    Sales & Trading

    • Introduction to Sales & Trading
    • Different paths within this career
    • The art of market-making (bid-offer) with practical examples
    • Concepts of risk-reward
    • Fundamental & technical analysis
    • Practical real-life applications and case studies
    • Different types of clients on the trading floor
    • Hedge fund strategy

    Investment Banking & Corporate Finance

    • Introduction to the investment banking department & corporate finance
    • Pitching & execution of deals
    • The 3 key statements
    • Relative Valuation (Trading & Transaction Multiples)
    • Intrinsic Valuation (DCFs)
    • Model professional level excel sheets with real life practical walk-throughs
    • Private Equity

    Recruitment Techniques

    • Pre-application strategies
    • Networking and cold calling techniques
    • Commanding an online presence (e.g. LinkedIN)
    • Conquering application forms 
    • Sample model application form answers
    • Sample CV and cover letter created by top investment bankers
    • Perfecting interviews (tone, delivery and body language)
    • Coping with pressure and panel interviews
    • Dealing with brainteasers
    • Tackling assessment centres

    Who is this for?

    • Anyone looking for a job in a top tier investment bank
    • No prerequisite knowledge is required

    Best of all, you will have lifetime access to the video series*.

    Series Fee: £75

    *InvestIN monitors usage of the video series. Access to view content may be suspended if suspected misuse has occurred through unauthorised sharing of content. Access by more than 3 different IP addresses will be flagged.



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